Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I bring?

A: KBay kayaking will provide all sea kayaking equipment. Please check the weather preceding your trip to wear appropriate clothing. We recommend wearing layered non-cotton clothing, as well as shoes/sandals you don't mind getting wet. As well,being in Alaska with less than predictable weather, bring a water resistant jacket! Please bring a water bottle and a snack or two to keep your energy level up if lunch is not provided during your paddle. Don't forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat! 

Q: What if it's raining or nasty out?

A: We go rain or shine here in Seldovia Bay! We use spray skirts to keep our legs dry, but please remember to bring your water resistant jackets with hoods. On occasion it does get too nasty to go out and we will cancel the trip for safety reasons. Please review our cancelation and weather day policies. 

Q: What if I've never kayaked before?

A: No experience necessary! We aim for a calm and relaxing paddle, so if you follow the guide's instructions, there should be no reason to feel unsafe during our tour. 

Q: Are there any age limits?

A: We require children ages 7-13 to ride in a tandem kayak with their parent or guardian. Children over the age of 13 may ride in a single kayak accompanied by a parent or guardian on the same tour. Those over the age of 18 may tour unaccompanied.

Q: Im a bit big boned, will I fit into a kayak? 

A:Our single kayaks will hold up to 275 pounds, and have a 16.5 inch entry. There are also adjustable thigh braces to help with comfort. Our double kayaks have quite a bit more entry room, and can hold a total of 475 pounds. These kayaks can be adjusted for solo paddling for those who need just a little more room. 

Q: Release of liability, what is that?

A: Each participant is required to sign a release of liability waver before being allow to step into any kayak. This document releases KBay Kayaking from liability in the case of accident or injury for any reason. Minors must sign the release of liability and have their parents sign the document as well. 

Q: How do I pay for the trip?

A:We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Please call Madalyn Grahn at (907)-201-0599 or Email: for reservations. You will receive a written confirmation by email once your transaction has been processed. Please review our cancelation and weather policies.  

Q: Should I tip?

A: Tipping is not mandatory, but it's greatly appreciated! Tipping indicates to your guide a job well done and helps supplement daily wages. The Alaskan summer season is short, but very busy! Thank you for supporting our team and our hard work!  

Q: What do the kayaks look like?

Specs:    Material:  Polyethylene   Length:  14'4"/ 4.4m   Width:  24"/ 61cm   Weight:  52 lbs/ 23.6 kg   Cockpit:  35.5" x 16.5"/ 90.2 x 41.9 cm    Max Capacity:  275-375 lbs


Material: Polyethylene

Length: 14'4"/ 4.4m

Width: 24"/ 61cm

Weight: 52 lbs/ 23.6 kg

Cockpit: 35.5" x 16.5"/ 90.2 x 41.9 cm 

Max Capacity: 275-375 lbs

Material:  Polyethylene   Length:  14' 8" / 4.5 m   Width:  28" / 71.1 cm   Weight:  79 lbs / 35.8 kg   Bow Cockpit:  35" x 17" / 88.9 x 43.2 cm   Stern Cockpit:  48.5"x18" / 123.2x45.7 cm   Max Capacity :  425-475 lbs / 192.8-215.5 kg

Material: Polyethylene

Length: 14' 8" / 4.5 m

Width: 28" / 71.1 cm

Weight: 79 lbs / 35.8 kg

Bow Cockpit: 35" x 17" / 88.9 x 43.2 cm

Stern Cockpit: 48.5"x18" / 123.2x45.7 cm

Max Capacity : 425-475 lbs / 192.8-215.5 kg